• PH-50

Balancing a pool could never be easier than with the PH-50. We all know struggle of maintaining proper pH & Alkalinity is as hard as balancing on a tightrope, well not any longer!

When you add acid or pH Minus, you're creating CO2 in the water. Injecting CO2 with the PH-50 drives the pH down without effecting your alkalinity. Keeping the pH balanced lowers all chemical usage drastically:

  • Chlorine is 50% less effective at 7.8pH vs 7.2pH
  • CO2 does not "use" the alkalinity to create CO2, so you won't need to add Alkalinity Up
  • Ionized & Ozonated pools perform best with a pH of 7.2-7.6

The PH-50 ships with a single cylinder regulator assembly. You can increase your CO2 storage by using larger cylinders or more cylinders by choosing Double or Triple Regulator in the drop down box.

We recommend larger cylinders over more cylinders as it's much more cost effective! Most locations can have CO2 delivered without purchasing a cylinder. To choose cylinder/regulator option, use this tool https://www.clearwaterpoolsystems.com/calculator/ to estimate time between cylinder changes. Pool specifics such as water features can change the exact time between changes.


  • $1,295.00

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