About Us

Clearwater Enviro Technologies

Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc. is a leading "Going Green" manufacturer of environmentally-friendly products dedicated to solving hard water issues and reducing the need of chemicals to purify water.

The company was established in 1989 with its corporate headquarters located in its own two-story building in the Clearwater, Florida area. Administration, manufacturing, shipping and receiving are all conveniently located under one roof.

Our products include ScaleBlaster (released in 1995) that is an electronic descaling system and is a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to a water softener. Mineral Pure (released in 1990) is copper-silver system that reduces the need for chlorine in swimming pools and cooling towers. Our products have been featured in NASA publications, hundreds of trade magazines, appeared on HGTV and on Discovery’s "Planet Green" channel.

The company’s distribution includes most of the major wholesale plumbing supply dealers in the United States and over 600 dealers across the world in 70 countries. Some of our latest installations include Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Tinker Air Force Base, multiple major cruise ships and Chesapeake Energy. Some of our long time clients include Dow Chemical, Cirque du Soleil, multiple China power plants and numerous geothermal plants in Mexico.

CET looks forward to the challenge of protecting the environment and improving water quality for a healthier environment. 1-800-756-7946

ScaleBlaster® and MineralPure® are registered trademarks of Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc.